Portraits of Reese

In this photo shoot, model Reese C. poses at Kilgore Falls in rural Maryland. I returned to my 35mm lens for some of these portraits, which while not traditionally considered a portrait lens, has a quality I can’t quite put my finger on.

With You Came Silence

Kilgore Falls is a great place to shoot. I’ve been looking for a waterfall like this for years, something with the classic waterfall look, and secluded enough to not be interrupted by a horde of visitors. We did this photo shoot on a relatively cold autumn morning, so few people were there, but it was too cold to get too close to the falls.

This Time

I like this outfit because it subtly blends into the background, really bringing out the model’s arms, face, and hair. It provides a natural dark blue and orange contrast, which is pleasing to the eye.

Portrait of Reese at Kilgore Falls

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