Valley Diner (defunct)

Valley Diner (defunct)
Cool ghost neon sign for the Valley Diner outside Toms Brook (south of Strasburg, VA) along U.S. Route 11. According to Diner Hunter, it opened in 1932 and was likely built on-site. This sign has been there since at least the 1960s.

Pied Piper’s Old Ice Cream Stand

Pied Piper's Old Ice Cream Stand
Pied Piper’s old fashioned ice cream stand, at 3168 State Route 28 in Old Forge, New York, across the street from Enchanted Forest Water Safari, is known for their flavor “Adirondack Black Bear.” The Adirondack Mountains have been a vacation destination for over a century.

This picturesque region is home to 102 towns and villages and approximately 132,000 people. Seven to ten million tourists flock to this area annually to enjoy hunting, camping, boating, and fishing in the summer, skiing and snowboarding in winter, and to see the beautiful autumn colors in the fall.

House in the Clouds

This two-story house atop the former Moyer carriage and car factory, 1710 N. Salina Street in Syracuse, New York, was built by Harvey Moyer as a gimmick to attract attention to his business. The weathered facade hides the motor that powers the building’s freight elevator. The factory was later owned by the Porter-Cable Machine Company and then the Penfield Manufacturing Company.

Home Away from Home