Kristin on the Potomac

Model Kristin Spealman at Leesylvania State Park on the Potomac River in northern Virginia earlier this summer. A storm was rolling in, and we finished the shoot just as it started raining. I love this location, but the weather can be unpredictable!


This definitely wasn’t a “glamor shoot.” I opted for a grittier, more dramatic look with deep grays in the shadows. I thought it would fit more with the gloomy, overcast sky.

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Primordial Sara Lynn

Alternative model Sara Lynn poses in a primal, goth-inspired outfit in Anna R. Page Forest Preserve in Northern Illinois. This grove of pine trees turned out to be a fitting location.

She is My Sin (Sara Lynn)

It was drizzling and foggy, but the gloomy weather helped contribute to the atmosphere in this eclectic photo shoot. Sara creates her own unique style and outfits.

She Upon the Black Wolf (Sara Lynn)

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Sara Lynn: Concrete Sunset

Alternative model Sara Lynn poses in a goth-inspired school girl outfit in Northern Illinois at a graffiti-covered spillway. Sara does her own makeup and puts together her eclectic outfits.

Breathe In, Breathe Out (Sara Lynn)

We got to this location just as the sun was setting – perfect timing and a perfect location. I’m very happy with how these turned out!

I'll Never be Yours (Sara Lynn)

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Studio Luna

I did this series with model Luna Mae in her Finger Lakes studio a few months ago, but didn’t get around to processing the photos until recently. I wanted to experiment with different lighting, but we weren’t able to get it dark enough in there to completely control the light.

Luna in Black II

Still, I think I got a few decent shots with the red light. This was my first studio shoot – a little too plain for my tastes. I need to have an interesting background; something that tells a story.

Luna up Close

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Maria on the Lake

Maria on the Lake V

Author, model, and actress Maria Libri-Sigle poses at the Island Bay Yacht Club on Lake Springfield in Springfield, Illinois. Even though it was a hot afternoon, she was very patient and made the whole process seem effortless from beginning to end.

Maria on the Lake I

I think this was one of my most “professional” looking photo shoots to date. The hardest part was choosing just a few photos to represent the series. Check out her books on Amazon.