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Deadwood’s Bullock Hotel

The ghost of famed Western lawman Seth Bullock is believed to wander the halls of this historic hotel.

  • The Bullock Hotel was originally built by Seth Bullock between 1894 and 1896.
  • A mysterious “tall man” matching Bullock’s description has been seen strolling down the hall on several occasions.
  • Seth’s Cellar Restaurant, located in the basement of the Bullock Hotel, is supposed to be one of the most haunted areas of the hotel.

The historic Bullock Hotel, located at 633 Main Street in Deadwood, South Dakota, is one of the most famous haunted hotels in the United States. In 1992, it was featured on the TV program Unsolved Mysteries. It is reportedly haunted by none other than the ghost of its namesake, Seth Bullock, the first sheriff of Deadwood, as well as a host of other spirits.

A friend and I recently stayed at the Bullock Hotel on a trip through South Dakota, and although we didn’t experience anything unusual, we did learn a lot about this historic place.

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