Martha’s Dandee Creme

Martha’s Dandee Creme at 1133 U.S. Route 9 in Queensbury, New York (south of Lake George). Currently owned by Dennis and Beth Lafontaine, Martha’s began as a chicken farm in 1946. The rooster on this sign celebrates “Charlie,” a rooster who wandered outside the restaurant in the late 1950s. The sign used to read “Martha’s Motel Breakfast Restaurant.”

Mr. Bill’s Car Hop

Mr Bill’s Car Hop Restaurant at 1720 U.S. Route 9 in South Glens Falls, New York. In 2012, a vandal went on a rampage through Mr Bill’s, causing $20,000 in damage. Incredibly, the community rallied around the restaurant and helped clean it up. William (Bill) Smith argued against jail time for the perpetrator, instead wanting the young man to get help for his drug problem. What a guy!