D.C. Cherry Blossoms 2020

My wife and I finally made it to see the cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C., something on my to-do list since moving to this area over a year ago. Despite fears of Covid-19, official cancellation of the festival, and warnings to stay away from large groups, hundreds of people couldn’t resist the allure of the blossoms.

Tidal Basin Blossoms

A plummeting stock market and fears of pandemic were a stark contrast to this beautiful spring morning and the bright pink cherry blossoms. We did see some visitors wearing masks, but otherwise it was just a typical day.

Leo Longs for Pets

Our corgi, Leo, was upset he couldn’t get any pets from passersby.

Jefferson Memorial Spring 2020

Unfortunately, the Jefferson Memorial is still being repaired, but hopefully it’ll be finished soon.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry trees became a D.C. sensation when thousands arrived from Japan in 1912. The first two trees planted around the Tidal Basin are still standing.

Japanese Pagoda in Bloom

This sculpture in West Potomac Park was given to Washington, D.C. by the mayor of Yokohama, Japan in 1957.

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