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Morey’s Diner in Oneida, New York

Morey’s Diner, at 119 Phelps Street in Oneida, New York, is a rare 1930 Ward & Dickinson model dining car (#215). It was located on Main Street from 1930 to 1954, when it was owned by Reynold D. Ido and called the Miss Oneida. A woman named Irene J. Johnson owned it in the 1970s, and after her diner closed, the building deteriorated. In 1996, Lynn Morey purchased it and began restoration. It’s now only open for breakfast. This is a truly original diner, and a rare glimpse at one of these early model dining cars. You can see the interior woodwork.

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6 replies on “Morey’s Diner in Oneida, New York”

Under that T111 siding, I think there are still original wheels. I haven’t seen the owner in a long time. His daughter runs it now. I don’t know how it passes health inspections other than the owner is a former policeman. It’s really grimy and in serious disrepair. It could be so charming, but so much work needed. Simple classic menu. Switch up the specials. Stay open later, maybe even Friday and Saturday evenings with something a little fancy. I’m a lapsed pastry chef.

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