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The Phantom Lady of Kennedy Hill Road

In January 1981, motorists parked their cars along a narrow rural road in frigid temperatures to catch a glimpse of a scantily-clad phantom.

It was a few weeks before Christmas, 1980. Kim Anderson turned down Kennedy Hill Road and headed for home after attending church early Sunday morning. Snow drifted across the country road and ice glistened on the barren fields. Without warning, she noticed a young woman, around the same age as she, walking down the road toward her driveway. The woman had long, blonde hair, and strangely, wore a pair of light colored shorts.

Kim pulled her car into her driveway and ran into the house. She threw open the curtains on the front room window to see if the woman was going to come up the driveway. She didn’t. Instead, she continued walking toward Byron. Kim didn’t think much of the encounter after that, until she began to hear the rumors.

Between mid-December and early January, dozens of people reported seeing a young woman in various stages of dress walking down Kennedy Hill Road. By January 20, 1981, the sightings had reached a fevered pitch. Wild reports circulated around Ogle County, and motorists parked their cars in the frigid temperatures along the narrow rural road to catch a glimpse of what became known as “The Phantom Lady of Kennedy Hill Road.” Newspaper reports reached as far away as Chicago, and the Rockford Register Star ran five consecutive articles on the sightings.

Kim Anderson was one of the first to spot the scantily-clad woman, but other reports soon followed. Register Star correspondent Diane Moats diligently collected dozens of eyewitness accounts from what she described as “credible” regular folks, “not the kind you’d think would make up something like this.” Years after the sightings, she told Bill Rowe of Rockford Magazine, “Each of them claimed to have seen the woman walking alongside the road. By the time they stopped to see if she was OK, she had disappeared.”

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3 replies on “The Phantom Lady of Kennedy Hill Road”

I also remember seeing the phantom lady it was around Christmas time. A friend of mine and i we’re heading north on kennedy hill rd. It was 1 or 2 am. I was driving at a pretty good clip when i looked further down the road the wind was blowing from west to east and the snow was blowing the snow so hard i could barely see down the road.all of a sudden a woman was running down the road. It really got my attention. I slammed on the brakes and turned around and she was gone. She disappeared after jumping a 6 foot high fence she was gone. My friend was passed out and when he saw what we we’re doing and he didn’t see her and said i was nuts. I didn’t say an to anyone not even my wife. The next thing it started to come out in the papers.. It really scared the hell out of me. I figured if i said anything people would say i was nuts.

Sincerely David Trenholm


My daughter has visited me She passed not quite 3 years ago . . It happens. We are all sentient beings and we never really die. Our bodies do.
“Meat suits “ .. if you will. We’re pure energy and simply move onto another dimension. I believe some get lost and don’t know or won’t accept they’ve passed on so haven’t or won’t, due to unfinished business or sudden unexpected death , reach their intended destinations. Somewhere in that lost state their souls or energy are still found here in our world because of that unawareness or ability to accept they no longer exist in this plane .

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