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Abandoned Catskill Drive-In

Mountain Drive-In, off NY State Highway 52, east of Liberty, New York, silently sits in ruins like a scene from the Fallout series. A faded sign still advertises “Mountain Fest ’97”, so I assume that was when it closed. According to Cinema Treasures, it opened in 1951 and once had three screens. More info and pictures from 2007 here.

From the 1920s to the 1970s, New York City Jews flocked to Catskill resorts in the summer months to escape the stifling heat of the city. There were once over 500 resorts and hotels in the area, known as the “Borscht Belt“.

Many famous comedians and entertainers got their start here. With increasing religious tolerance and the advent of widespread commercial airliners, many families chose to vacation elsewhere and dozens of these establishments now lay abandoned.

One reply on “Abandoned Catskill Drive-In”

There also are some of these “Drive-In” movie places that were once very popular in the 60’s. Right here in Reading there was one named the Reading Drive In Theater where us teen-agers could go see a movie with a favorite date. It cost 50 cents per car, at that time. Now, the space occupied is now a shopping area. There is nothing left over, but for those who remember long ago. I miss those places. Drive-In’s like that should be brought back.


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