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Gettysburg 2017: The Town

In this installment of my video blog documenting my recent trip to Gettysburg National Military Park, I explore the Borough of Gettysburg. While Gettysburg is noted for its history, and I certainly spent a lot of time on the battlefield, it’s also an interesting destination itself. Shops selling antiques and memorabilia line the streets, and of course there are several historical and haunted tours. I can’t imagine a more picturesque town, keep alive by over one million visitors to the battlefield each year.

9 replies on “Gettysburg 2017: The Town”

I can believe it. I have been to many battle fields Memorials. We have lots here in Canada from war of 1812, battle of Lundy Lane in Niagara Falls, and Planes of Abraham in Quebec City and prior wars but I have also been to Culloden in Scotland, Battle of Stirling where Willaim Wallace defeated the English, ffanders fields in Netherlands to fields there they are fascinating to me


I’ve been reading a lot about the battle in the past several months so definitely! You’d be surprised just how much happened there over three days. But the town is interesting too


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