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All-American Diner Tour: Alexis Diner in Newburgh, New York

Located off I-84 at the juncture of Route 9W and N. Plank Road at the north end of economically depressed , New York, Alexis Diner is a 24-hour Greek restaurant-diner hybrid with all the chrome you can ask for. Its extensive menu and desert offerings includes a full bar. There is limited counter seating but plenty of booths and tables. Wall murals and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling make for an unusually classy atmosphere.

On my visit, I ordered the Mediterranean Panini with grilled chicken, fresh spinach, mozzarella cheese, and pesto for $10.75. It came with French fries, cole slaw, and half a pickle. I was able to substitute macaroni salad for the French fries for no extra charge. The waitress was attentive and the food was good.

My only complaint was that the chicken pieces in my panini were too large but otherwise it was perfect. I normally don’t eat desert, but my waitress persuaded me to try the rice pudding. I thought it would be served in a small bowl, but it came out in a large glass topped with whip cream and cinnamon! So good.

As mentioned earlier, their menu is quite extensive. At twelve pages, it’d be hard not to find something you like. There is an entire selection of southwestern cuisine, including stir fry, fajitas, quesadillas, nachos, and a taco salad. Their specialty sandwiches include a “Jitterbug,” an open-faced hamburger slathered in gravy, served with French fries or potato salad and cole slaw for $7.25.

The most expensive items on the menu are seafood: Surf & Turf, Broiled Seafood Platter, or Twin Lobster Tails for $30.95. This is definitely not your typical diner food.

Alexis Diner has a 4.2/5 average out of 342 Google reviews and 3.5/5 average on Yelp. It is very popular with customers, who love the food and service. It has had a solid 4.0 rating on Yelp for the first eight months of 2017. In a typical review, Google user J. Erik Hartel writes, “Decent breakfast at a reasonable price. Decor is rather quirky… a bit like a 1950s dinner collided with a Tuscan Villa. Service was unusually attentive for this region… A definite plus. Food was likewise good.”

Google user Richard E agreed, writing, “A well known, rock-solid meeting place, fast service, HUGE portions, great selection – and delicious. And reasonable prices. Eateries come and go, but these guys have stood the test of time.”

Not everyone enjoys this diner, however. Negative reviews focus on food quality, wait times, and prices, but these are outside the norm. In 2016, Yelp user Erika L. from Mahopac, New York wrote, “They charge extra for a wedge of lemon in your water. 25 cents per wedge. They lost my business. Cheap people lose my business.” On my visit, the waitress asked if I wanted lemon with my water and I agreed because, hey, why not? I didn’t notice the extra charge.

Alexis Diner is located at 5023 US Route 9W in Newburgh, New York. Phone: (845) 565-1400. The diner is open 24 hours. They have an ATM and free WiFi.


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