Why I ‘Unliked’ Social Media

How often have you pulled up your Twitter or Facebook feed and seen nothing but fake news or ridiculous headlines?

How often have you been drawn into worthless arguments that lead nowhere?

How often have you seen someone you used to respect post something completely stupid that changes your opinion of them entirely?

How often have you “unfriended” or “unfollowed” someone for any of the above reasons?

How much time do you spend repeatedly checking updates on social media?

I’ve had a Facebook account since 2005, when you still needed a .edu email address to sign up for an account and it was just about sharing pictures and organizing events with your college buddies.

Even back then social media was kinda worthless. Remember Myspace and the social manipulation of arranging your “top eight” friends?

Over the years, I’ve considered deactivating my accounts so many times, but the thought of losing touch with all my friends kept me hooked. Facebook even uses that fear to guilt-trip you into keeping your account when you try to leave.

I’ve also used Facebook in the past to successfully promote my books and articles, but here’s a secret: it doesn’t work anymore unless you pay for it.

Facebook allows you to create pages to stay in touch with your fans, but hardly any of them will ever see what you post unless you “pay to promote.” Twitter recently adopted this model as well.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter use your social connections and personal information to make money. I don’t have a problem with it–you voluntarily sign up and they have to stay profitable.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have begun censoring users, deleting or hiding posts they deem offensive and banning or suspending nonconformist accounts. Again, they are private companies and I support their right to decide what kind of content is shown on their platforms.

But does that mean I should continue to use those platforms? Not at all. Tech execs like to pretend these platforms have become an indispensable part of modern life. They’re wrong. I can live without ever seeing another funny cat photo.

At this point, the drawbacks to social media far outweigh the supposed benefits. I decided not to support it anymore, to focus on growing my website and finding other, healthier ways to connect with friends and family.

So if you really want to keep in touch, send me an email (the old fashioned way). I’d love to hear from you.

6 replies on “Why I ‘Unliked’ Social Media”

There’s a whole universe out there besides Facebook and Twitter. I have had some of the finest chats with other gentlemen in gay chat rooms who were not just, ” cruising ” but who were also looking for someone to have an intelligent conversation.
Back in the ” old days ” I had a ” dumb terminal ” and all the rage was electronic bulletin boards out of some one’s basement, that and news feeds. It was so much for folksy then.
I miss folksy. I miss the Telnet.


I will miss you on FB. I do get your blog. Have you thought of reviewing Ned’s on Bus 20 towards Belvidere. They do a great Fish Fry and homemade cheesecake. We would be happy to take you any Friday night

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You are obviously using the wrong social media accounts.
Tumblr is a no nonsense approach which presupposes that all you are really after is eye candy.
It is a bottomless pit of pornography that engages the eye and ear with every prurient interest available to either man or woman.
There’s no shame in their game. And the only advertising involves performing sexual favors.
It’s a whose who of who’s available. Visa and MasterCard accepted.


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