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All-American Diner Tour: Friede’s Diner in Watertown, New York

Located on Court Street near the Black River in Watertown, New York, Friede’s Diner is a greasy spoon serving up affordable breakfast and lunch to a local clientele.

I had an interesting experience at Friede’s. As I walked in and sat down, I got the feeling I was out of place. The waiter (or owner?) asked me what I wanted without even handing me a menu. It’s on a sketchy street with a rundown bar and a few abandoned buildings, so maybe they’re used to regulars who always order the same thing.

I ended up ordering an omelet with toast. The toast consisted of huge slices of homemade bread, which was delicious, but my soda came in a can (a pet peeve of mine). Friede’s also only takes cash and their ATM was busted, but thankfully the owner let me run to a nearby gas station. I guess I look like a trustworthy guy.

Friede’s is a genuine diner, so seating is minimal with a dozen stools at the counter and five booths that sit four people each. However, you won’t have any trouble getting a seat at this low-key establishment. Limited menu, but very affordable.

Friede’s has a 4.5/5 average out of 15 Google reviews. Customers come here for the good service and affordable prices. In a typical review, Google user Dion Anderson writes: “Place is awesome me and the wife loving coming here service is great food is perfect price is less then any other dinner.” Matt Nixdorf agrees, adding, “This was the smallest diner we have ever been in!! The food was terrific and the staff was very friendly. It’s worth checking out.”

Friede’s Diner is located at 455 Court Street in Watertown, New York. Phone: (315) 221-4270. They are open Sunday through Saturday, 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.


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