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All-American Diner Tour: Longway’s Diner in Watertown, New York

Located at the intersection of State Routes 37 and 342 several miles north of Watertown, New York, Longway’s Diner is a greasy spoon catering primarily to interstate truckers and soldiers from nearby Fort Drum.

Longway’s has plenty of booth and counter space, although the booths are tightly packed. On multiple visits, the food has been consistently good. Everything is served together–home fries, eggs, toast, sausage or bacon, all on the same plate, giving it that greasy, uniform flavor. Like most 24-hour establishments, people come here after a night of drinking to settle their stomachs with a nice heavy meal. During the day, it’s more of a family place.

There are a few motels, auto shops, and gas stations nearby, so not much to see and do. Patrons mainly stop in as they’re passing through the area.

There are no surprises or custom items on Longway’s menu, just typical diner fare. The menu is simple and easy to understand. Breakfast is tiered, with eggs and French toast listed in increasing increments (1 Egg… $1.49. 2 Eggs… $2.39. 3 Eggs… $3.29. Etc). Generic sides, like meat, home fries, and home fries and meat, are carefully listed beneath each item. I imagine this was done deliberately to make ordering with a hangover easier.

Longway’s has a 4.1/5 average out of 109 Google reviews. Customers generally praise their generous portions, ample parking, and reasonable prices. They prefer breakfast over lunch and dinner. Yelp user Edward R. writes, “Best diner north of Syracuse! Breakfast special number two is my absolute favorite! Country fried steak, eggs, and home fries! Smothered in sausage gravy! The prices are cheap and you get a very healthy (BIG) portion! I highly recommended it!”

Common complaints involve cramped seating, dirty tables, and mediocre burgers and melts. In a typical negative review, Yelp user Shelly C. writes, “Service was really slow. My fork was dirty, as was the table. My tuna melt was cold. And not melted. They charged me for bagged potato chips (granted they were only $0.35).”

Longway’s Diner is located at 23802 State Route 37 in Watertown, New York. Phone: (315) 782-1131. They are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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