Chicagoist Spotlights My ‘Most Haunted’ City In Illinois List

ChicagoistJoining the list of media outlets crowing about my recent top 10 list at Mysterious Heartland, “Top 10 Most Haunted Cities in Illinois,” Kate Shepherd at the Chicagoist added her own observations about some of Chicago’s most well known haunts. Thanks, Kate!

Chicago’s history is full of gruesome stories from the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre to H.H. Holmes’ murder castle to Lincoln Park Zoo being built on top of City Cemetery. So it’s no surprise that Chicago’s the most haunted city in Illinois, according to ghost site Mysterious Heartland’s ranking of Illinois’ most ghostly cities.

Chicago gets credit from the site for one of the world’s most famous ghost stories even though it technically takes place outside city limits. Resurrection Mary is a vanishing hitchhiker who many men claim to have picked up along Archer Avenue before she disappeared into Resurrection Cemetery in suburban Justice. The story has taken on a life of its own and inspired everything from tours to a 5k run to a terrible looking movie. The sightings started in the 1930s and continue to the present day.

Read the entire article here!

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