NBC Chicago Features My Latest Top 10 List


Isabel Morales from NBC Channel 5 News in Chicago recently posted this article about one of my recent top 10 lists at Mysterious Heartland, “Top 10 Most Haunted Cities in Illinois.” How cool is that? I remember watching NBC as a kid when I was growing up in the Chicago suburbs.

The Windy City is the most haunted city in Illinois, according to a list compiled by the website Mysterious Heartland.

Chicago won the title for its supposedly haunted hotels, including the Congress Plaza Hotel and the Drake Hotel. Guests of the Drake have reported seeing the ghostly figure of a “woman in red” roam the halls.

Mysterious Heartland also chose Chicago as the most haunted Illinois city because of its bars and pubs. More than a half dozen locations are haunted, according to the list. Ethyl’s Party in Chinatown is believed to sometimes contain guests from the afterlife. The building once served as a former funeral home.

Suburban St. Charles and Naperville also made the most haunted list. Although now closed, Al Capone’s Hideaway and Steak House in St. Charles was believed to be home to ghostly spirits. The west suburb came in seventh on the list.

Thanks, Isabel! Read the entire article here.

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