Riley & Scot talk Secret Rockford

On February 27 at 10:20am, I had the pleasure of doing a short, in-studio interview with Riley & Scot at WROK 1440 AM in Rockford. After the unfortunate and untimely demise of 100.5 FM, this is now one of the only local talk radio shows left in the Rockford area. The other is The Michael Koolidge Show, which is also on WROK. I appeared briefly on Koolidge’s show as well to promote the Secret Rockford book release party at Tinker Swiss Cottage. The studio was comfortable despite the subzero temperatures outside. Thanks, guys!

Riley & Scot and I talk about Secret Rockford at WROK 1440 AM
Riley & Scot and I talk about Secret Rockford at WROK 1440 AM

One reply on “Riley & Scot talk Secret Rockford”

On the Michael Koolidge show that I heard on Sunday July 30, 2017, Michael was talking about North Korea missile testing. He stated that he hoped we were wise enough to not respond in a way that would start a war with North Korea. This is an error that many believe. The Korean War is the longest cease fire in history. There is an agreement to return to negotiations to discuss terms of surrender, WE ARE STILL AT WAR with North Korea. What North Korea is doing is breaking the agreement of the cease fire. Politically we are trying to get Russia and China to do something about North Korea before we are forced into reacting to North Korea with deadly force.

It has always been a thorn in my side that politically we are so focus on the Middle East and getting out, when we’re still in Germany and Japan we stayed to help stabilize their economy. We are still at war with North Korea and no one seems to care yet this was my father’s war and can be my son’s war. I served in Desert Storm and we left the region unstable and now we still are fighting there and looking over our shoulder. North Korea must think it can do what it wants because our focus is on the Middle East.

I have no solution but I do wish that more people understood it really will not take much for North Korea to break the cease fire and we will have no choice but to find ourselves fighting again. Just crossing the Military Demarcation Line is enough, So what do you think shooting a missile could mean. I hope that the political restrains work but I fear it will not be.


What are your thoughts?

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