A New Column; Article.

A brand new column by yours’ truly has been published on Strike-the-Root, a market anarchist website, today.  Check it out here:

Spending Our Way to Ruin

Send me an e-mail or leave me a comment about it!

Also, I just posted a new article featuring myself commenting on the folklore of Ramsey Cemetery in Effingham, Illinois.  Head on over to the “Press” section of my website to check it out.

One reply on “A New Column; Article.”

I’m liking this article. It’s pretty much saying everything that too many people are scared to say.

This =/= recession. Unemployment just hit the 5M mark today (2/26) and things are showing no sign of being better. Instead of seeing to it that we keep pumping money into these corporations that could care less, I believe that we need to start using it in our own communities.

And at the very least, Ma and Pa business are polite people.


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