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RPG Maker MV: Mists of Tongass II

In Part I of our exploration of RPG Maker MV, we created a game called Mists of Tongass, designed its main character, Lucius York, and a starting location, his grandpa’s house. Today we’ll be building our “plot instigator,” an event designed to kick off the adventure. Our main character will set off on a quest to complete this event, which will touch off a chain of events and gradually more difficult quests, etc.

Events are required to do virtually anything in RPG Maker MV, even something as simple as open a door or chest. You can think of them as tiny programs inside a program. They range from something as simple as picking up an item, to a multi-page event having far reaching consequences in the game. Every event has a script that tells the program what to do.

We’ll start with something simple. First, switch to “event editing mode” by clicking on the button that looks like a little red chess piece. Then, double-clicking somewhere on the table, create a new event and chose an envelope as its image.

I want a dialogue box to appear with Lucius’ thoughts as he reads the letter, then another for the letter’s contents. You do this by double-clicking on the black diamond in the Contents window and select “show text.”

You don’t need to show a face with your dialogue, but it helps the player know who’s speaking. Now, I’ll type in “Hm, grandpa left a letter…” and click Ok. Try not to type past the thin vertical line on the right hand side.

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RPG Maker MV: Mists of Tongass I

Back in college, I became infatuated with a computer program called RPG Maker, which allows you to design and play your own desktop roll playing games. I used to create my own RPGs on paper as a kid, so the ability to do so on the computer, and at Super Nintendo-level graphics, was really cool. I recently purchased the latest version, RPG Maker MV, to see what it had to offer. All the basics were still there, but the graphics are better and it allows you to do so much more.

I decided to play around with it and come up with a simple RPG. Every game needs a name, so we’ll call it “Mists of Tongass,” after the ancient forest in Alaska. Right off the bat, you see the interface is deceptively simple and intuitive. Just wait.

Now we need a hero. RPG maker comes with lots of default settings, including an initial team of four “actors” of different classes. We’ll just start with one; a simple man living in a simple, forest town, with a mysterious destiny. We’ll call him Lucius York. That has a nice ring to it. His initial equipment is set to default, but later I’ll change that to remove any weapons and armor. The character will have to find those later.

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