RPG Maker MV: Mists of Tongass V

In Part IV of our exploration of RPG Maker MV, we created a jail interior for our game Mists of Tongass and set up the main quest and its resolution condition. Our hero, Lucius York, must somehow raise 1,000 gold pieces to spring his grandpa from debtor’s prison. To do this, we’ll eventually create another quest. Before then, however, we have to create some low-level enemies for Lucius to fight.

Previous versions of RPG Maker came with several dozen premade enemies, but there are only four in the latest version: Bat, Slime, Orc, and Minotaur. These don’t fit the quest I had in mind. So, to start, load the Database Editor (gears icon), and click on the Enemies tab. This displays all possible enemies in your game. Click “Change Maximum” and increase the number to, say, 10. Select 0005, which displays a blank enemy with default stats.

Call this enemy “Giant Rat” and select the Rat picture from the default list of images. You can change the image hue, in case you want a red rat, for example, but we’ll leave that alone for right now. Increase Attack and Defense to 20, and Agility and Luck to 30. M. Attack and M. Defense refer to the creature’s ability to attack with and defend against magic, but these rats have no magical abilities. Finally, under Rewards, change the EXP and Gold to 10. EXP is the amount of experience your hero gains from defeating an enemy.

In slot 0006, create a new enemy called “Rat King.” This time, use the Rat image but slide the hue over to a dark purple (240). Increase its Max HP to 200, Attack and Defense to 30, and Agility and Luck to 40. Change the EXP and Gold to 25.

Before these enemies can be used in combat, they need to be added to “Troops.” Troops allow you to create enemy encounters using one or more enemies of the same type, or a combination of different types. Click on the Troops tab. Just like before, click “Change Maximum” and increase the number to 10.

Now add three new troops in spaces 0005, 0006, and 0007. In 0005, add a single giant rat from the right hand menu by selecting “0005 Giant Rat” and pressing the “< Add” button. You can move it around the battle window, but there’s really no need to do so. If you want to preview what combat will look like, click “Battle Test…” and then “OK” or “Initialize.” In 0006, add two giant rats and call it “Rat*2.” Similarly, add a Rat King to Troop 0007 and call it “Rat King.”

You can also change the Battle Background. In the Troop editor, click “Change BG.” This version of RPG Maker has so many more options than previous versions, and you can change the floor and background, to mix and match. This sets the default battle background for that troop, but battle backgrounds can also be fixed in the map settings, so that every enemy encounter will conform to a certain battle background for that particular map.

In our next installment, we’ll be designing our first quest, using the enemies and enemy troops we created today.

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