RPG Maker MV: Mists of Tongass VIII

In Part VII of our exploration of RPG Maker MV, we set up shops where our hero Lucius York can purchase weapons, armor, and equipment for his quest to raise 1,000 gold pieces to spring his grandpa from debtor’s prison. In Part VI, we created his first mission and learned how to fill an area with enemy troops. In this installment, we will design a new mission, using a different method of enemy encounter.

My idea is to have a townsperson offer Lucius a mission, but instead of random encounters, several enemies will appear on the map. In order to complete the mission and collect the reward, the player will have to defeat each enemy.

To set up this mission, we’ll need to modify some features in the Database Editor. RPG Maker comes with a few default enemies: Bat, Slime, Orc, and Minotaur. We added two more: Rat and Rat King. For this mission, we’ll use the Orc. Click on the Enemies tab and select the Orc. You’ll notice the Rewards section is blank. Raise both the experience and gold to 50.

Now, click on the Actors tab and select Lucius York. In the Initial Equipment box, equip him with a Bronze Sword and Leather armor. This is will make sure he survives combat with the orcs while play testing the mission (don’t forget to undo this action before finishing the game).

On the Forest Town map, in the field to the right of the jail, create a new event and choose the orc (green Monster) as its image. Under Autonomous Movement, choose Random and change the speed to 4: Normal and Frequency to 4: Higher. In the Trigger dropdown, choose Player Touch. Under Conditions, create a new switch called “Orcs.” Double click on a blank line in the Contents window.

Now choose Tab 3, and Battle Processing under the Scene Control heading. Choose 0003 Orc as the Direct Designation. Check the box next to “Can Lose”. This sets up a branch condition: If Win and If Lose. Under If Win, select Control Variables and create a new single variable called “Orcs.” Set the Operation to “Subtract” and the Operand to Constant = 1. Also, turn on Self Switch A. Create a new, blank event page and select Self Switch A as its condition. This makes sure the orcs disappear when they are killed.

Copy and paste this event twice, creating a total of three orcs in the field.

Now we need a trigger. My idea is to have another town resident appear to propose the mission. Just like the guy with rats in his cellar, create a new event on the road near the jail and choose a random townsperson for its image. I chose the old bald man with a cane. Change his speed to x4 Slower to reflect a hobbling old man, and change his movement type to Approach. Using the Show Text event command, write some dialogue in which the old man pleads with Lucius to kill the orcs destroying his field.

Then, set up a “yes or no” branch using the Show Choices event command. Change choice #1 to “No problem!”, and choice #2 to “I need to prepare.” This gives the player an option to take time to upgrade weapons and equipment. Under the “No problem!” branch (When No Problem!), turn on Switch “0003 Orcs.” Add Control Variables and select “0001 Orcs.” Set the Operation to “Add” and the Operand to Constant = 3. Finally, turn on Self Switch A. Leave choice #2 empty.

Create a new event page with the same image. Under Conditions, select Self Switch A. Create two Conditional Branches. In the first, choose Variable 0001 Orcs. In the righthand drop down, select the “greater than or equal to” symbol. Change the Constant to 1. In the subcommand, insert a text window of the old man encouraging the player. “Get ’em!”, for example.

In the second, choose Variable 0001 Orcs. In the righthand drop down, select the “equal to” symbol. Change the Constant to 0. Under If: Orcs = 0, create some dialogue thanking the player for killing the orcs and offering a reward. Just like the guy with the rats in his basement, insert a command to Change Gold by 500 and show a text box informing the player that he or she just received 500 gold pieces. Turn on Self Switch B.

Create a new event page with the same image. Click the box for Self Switch B under Conditions, then create some dialogue thanking the player. Change the Autonomous Movement type to Random. We don’t want this old man following the player around anymore!

So what did we do here? When the player accepts the mission, a variable is created with a value of 3, and 3 orcs appear. Each time the player kills an orc, 1 is subtracted from the variable. When the variable reaches 0, the old man gives the player his reward. Sounds deceptively simple!

Finally, we don’t want this event triggering until after the player completes the first mission, so double click on the old man, and on the first page under Conditions select Switch and create a new switch called Old Man. Click OK and then Apply. Now double click on the guy with rats in his basement. On event page 4, in the blank line under Control Self Switch : C = ON, insert a new command turning on switch “0004 Old Man.”

This should complete Lucius’ second mission. The player should now have well over the 1,000 gold pieces he needs to bail Grandpa York out of jail and win the game, but we’ll wrap that up in Part IX! Don’t forget to reset your hero’s starting equipment after you’ve completed play testing.

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