Rolando’s Diner

Rolando's Diner
Rolando’s, at 140 Court Street (U.S. Route 11) in Binghamton, New York, is not a true diner, but more an old-fashioned cafe. Still, I love this sign.

Luna at Warner Castle and Sunken Garden

Model Luna Mae at the Sunken Garden and Warner Castle in Rochester, New York. I continued to refine my use of a basic 70-300mm lens for this photo shoot.

Luna Noir

The higher the focal length, the more it throws the background out of focus, making a zoom lens perfect for separating a subject from the background. But, the trade off is that it’s difficult to steady the lens so motion blur is a problem. I increased the ISO to 800 to counteract that, but I think using a tripod would’ve been more helpful.

Floral Luna

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Leah at Cobb’s Hill Reservoir

Leah at Cobb's Hill

I returned to a favorite Rochester, New York location for this photo shoot with model Leah Hotte. Cobb’s Hill Reservoir, and its colorful graffiti, provides the perfect backdrop. I especially like it because the graffiti helps tell a story, and that makes each photo that much more interesting.

Leah at Washington Grove

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