Hudson River Valley in Summer

Bear Mountain Bridge I

The Hudson River flows 315 miles from the Adirondack Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean at New York Harbor. It’s named after Henry Hudson, a seventeenth century English navigator, and its beauty inspired an entire school of landscape painting.

Hudson River Valley in Summer II

The Hudson Highlands are particularly picturesque in the vicinity of Bear Mountain, Peekskill, and Fort Montgomery, where I took these photos.

Hudson River Valley in Summer I

Leah at Ontario Beach and Marina

Leah at Ontario Beach and Marina

Model Leah Hotte at Ontario Beach and Marina, Lake Ontario, in Rochester, New York. This was a beautiful day, just before the sun started to set. I’m not happy with the sunlight on the beach (once again, having an assistant with a reflector would’ve been helpful), but once a thin layer of clouds diffused the setting sun while at the marina, the lighting was perfect. We had fun with this shoot and got a lot of great shots.

Leah at Ontario Beach and Marina

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Endwell Motel

Endwell Motel
This sign for the Endwell Motel, at 3211 E Main Street in Endicott, New York, west of Binghamton, is a wonderful example of Populuxe style. I haven’t been able to determine when it opened, but it looks like circa 1960s. Usually you find motels advertising free HBO or Cable-TV, but this sign is so old it thinks TV in color is a draw.