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Des Plaines Theater

The Des Plaines Theatre, 1476 Miner Street (U.S. Route 14) in Des Plaines, Illinois, opened in 1926 with this beautiful light bulb-lined marquee, just down the street from the Sugar Bowl. In 2019, Onesti Entertainment took over management of the theater and began restoration. As my longtime readers know, I grew up in Des Plaines. I remember when this theater played movies for 50 cents on Tuesday (I must have watched Jurassic Park there a half-dozen times), and I saw my first live concert there. I’m glad it’s finally getting restored after being closed for years.

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Never going to Choo Choo is a Class 1 Felony in Des Plaines! LOL I hung out there all through High School because a good friend was assistant manager. High School was Maine West, 100 years ago….graduated in 1971.

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OK This is getting weird. I found your site because of Carman Hall and now I learn you are from Des Plaines? I am also from there. When will you write about the Choo Choo?

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