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Tom’s Diner in Ledgewood, New Jersey

Tom’s Diner, at 1200 U.S. Route 46 (south of the I-80 interchange) in Ledgewood, New Jersey, is a 1930 Silk City badly in need of some tender loving care. The second oldest diner in New Jersey, it was originally called the Silver Dollar. Tom Seretis bought it in 1958 and re-christened it after himself. Frank (Tom’s son) and Pauline Seretis took over ownership and operated it until 2005. Their son, also named Tom, has been trying to raise money to restore it ever since.

The diner was used as a location in Cyndi Lauper’s music video for her 1984 hit “Time After Time“, and nostalgic patrons still faithfully decorate the exterior for holidays. After sitting unused for nearly fifteen years, the interior is badly water damaged. Tom set up a website to raise money for restoration, but last time I checked the site was no longer active. Back taxes and legal wrangling derailed restoration efforts in the past. It would be a shame if New Jersey lost this iconic old diner.

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