Coming in 2019…

Whether you’re a regular reader or stumbled on my website by mistake, I’ve got a lot in store for you in 2019. You’ve probably already noticed a few major changes, with all my posts organized into several main categories (for more info on these categories, check out this post).

Each weekday will feature a regularly-scheduled post, including a movie or book review, spotlight on a historic diner, article on a historic site, museum, or battlefield, photography from historic cemeteries, and photo Fridays. Here’s how it shakes out:

  • Monday: Reviews will focus on past or present books and films that piqued my interest, with an emphasis on historical or period films.
  • Tuesday: Spotlight on a vintage diner. If you’ve read any of my past diner reviews, you know I love these greasy spoons. I’ve learned so much about this slice of roadside Americana over the past few years, and have visited dozens of these places. They are so iconic that some have been added to the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Wednesday: An in-depth article or gallery post of a historic site, museum, or battlefield, with a special emphasis on forts and battlefields. If you share my passion for military history, or just history in general, you should be excited about what I have in store for you. Many of these sites are obscure and you won’t find much information on them anywhere else.
  • Thursday: A visit to a historic cemetery. Every Thursday, I’ll post a picture I took of an interesting monument at one of the many cemeteries I’ve visited over the past year. Once a month, I’ll feature a more in-depth post about a historic rural cemetery, many of which are on the National Register of Historic Places. You can learn a lot about American history through these monuments and sculptures.
  • Friday: Fridays will continue featuring photos I’ve taken on my travels, particularly of interesting signs and roadside attractions. Every photo has an individual story, and I hope you’ll experience as much joy viewing them as I experienced taking them.

Of course, I’ll still continue posting updates, announcements, and opinion pieces as they come along, as well as some of my own genealogy, but rest assured that there will be at least one regularly scheduled post every weekday in this coming year. I hope you continue to stop by and share my love for America’s wonderful history.

What are your thoughts?

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