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A Trip to Bonaparte’s Cave State Forest

In 1814, Napoleon Bonaparte’s eldest brother, Joseph, who Napoleon installed as king of Spain for several years, fled Europe to the wilderness in Upstate New York. His property became Lake Bonaparte and Bonaparte’s Cave State Forest, located off New York State Route 3 northwest of Harrisville.

According to local legend, his family eluded hired assassins by hiding out in the rocky ledges and small caves on the northwest edge of what is today known as Green Pond. He also supposedly hid Spanish treasure nearby. The following video is my first attempt to make a travel/adventure video. Enjoy!

2 replies on “A Trip to Bonaparte’s Cave State Forest”

My family owns a camp at the base of the trail. Going to the cave is a must while at camp.

There is much more to the story of the cave. Everyone seems to have been distracted by legends of hiding out in the cave but there is a better but more sad story associated with that cave.


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