Help KickStart The One – Sally’s Song

I normally don’t post KickStarter requests, but I’ve often spoken about supporting local artists and maybe it’s time I did something about that. My friend Greg is a photographer in Chicago and runs a farm with his mom in Wisconsin. Lindsey Marks of Lady Jack Entertainment and singer Stephanie Schultz are creating this music video narrative called “The One” based on their folk cabaret cover of Danny Elfman’s “Sally’s Song” from Nightmare Before Christmas.

They are filming it at my friend’s farm, Inda Woods, outside Monroe, Wisconsin, which produces Get Inda Brand honey, lavender, and more. The video concept sounds pretty interesting:

We were inspired to use the music and lyrics of Sally’s Song as the base for a narrative of unrequited love, featuring a magician (Chicago Readers’ #1 for 2017: AJ Sacco) living in solitude on his farm, having recently ended a romantic entanglement. A ghost who inhabits his home yearns to find connection with him, as the fellow ghosts that inhabit the magician’s home watch on.

Depending on level of commitment, contributors will receive photos, handmade candles, signed photos from the set, and even honey from Greg’s farm. Check it out and contribute if you can. Still not convinced? Maybe this video will change your mind:

What are your thoughts?

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