RPG Maker MV: Mists of Tongass II

In Part I of our exploration of RPG Maker MV, we created a game called Mists of Tongass, designed its main character, Lucius York, and a starting location, his grandpa’s house. Today we’ll be building our “plot instigator,” an event designed to kick off the adventure. Our main character will set off on a quest to complete this event, which will touch off a chain of events and gradually more difficult quests, etc.

Events are required to do virtually anything in RPG Maker MV, even something as simple as open a door or chest. You can think of them as tiny programs inside a program. They range from something as simple as picking up an item, to a multi-page event having far reaching consequences in the game. Every event has a script that tells the program what to do.

We’ll start with something simple. First, switch to “event editing mode” by clicking on the button that looks like a little red chess piece. Then, double-clicking somewhere on the table, create a new event and chose an envelope as its image.

I want a dialogue box to appear with Lucius’ thoughts as he reads the letter, then another for the letter’s contents. You do this by double-clicking on the black diamond in the Contents window and select “show text.”

You don’t need to show a face with your dialogue, but it helps the player know who’s speaking. Now, I’ll type in “Hm, grandpa left a letter…” and click Ok. Try not to type past the thin vertical line on the right hand side.

Now we’re ready for our next line. Double-click on the black diamond in the Contents window beneath our previous line of dialogue and select “show text.” I already created a face image for Grandpa York using the character designer, so I chose that to accompany the letter’s text. It reads, “Lucius… please hurry… I was unable to pay the rent and Aldo the Bastard locked me up.” (I imagined Aldo the Bastard was a good name for a stingy landlord.)

This sets up the first quest. First, Lucius must find Aldo the Bastard and see how much his uncle owes. Then, he must complete other basic quests in town to raise enough money to release his uncle from jail.

As the event closes, the letter disappears from the table and appears as an item in Lucius’ inventory. How? First, I had to go into the database editor (click on the gear button) to the item tab. There are already four default items: Potion, Magic Water, Dispel Herb, and Stimulant. Create a new, regular item.

“Grandpa’s letter” doesn’t do anything, yet. It serves as a prerequisite for other events. If you leave the house without taking the letter, at some point Lucius will be instructed to return to the house and find it. When Lucius completes this quest, it will be removed from his inventory.

Click OK and double click on the letter on the table. This re-opens our event window. Double-click on the black diamond in the Contents window beneath the last line of dialogue and select “change items” under the Party category. This allows you to add or subtract an item from your character’s inventory. Select the letter from the drop down and make sure “increase” is selected and Constant = 1.

Finally, add one more line to close out the event. Double-click on the black diamond in the Contents window and select “erase event” from the second tab under the “character” category. You can also play a sound if you want. You do this by selecting “play SE” (sound effect) from the audio&video category.

Now that Lucius has his first quest, he’s ready to venture out into the village! In part 3, we’ll be bringing our village to life and preparing the main character for the dangers he will face.

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