KFVS Channel 12 Reports on My Top 10 List

hdr_brandingLoreto Cruz of KFVS Channel 12 News in Carterville, Illinois focused their latest Halloween segment on the many ghost stories of Southern Illinois University. They used my top 10 list, “Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Southern Illinois” as a basis for their news story. Thanks, KFVS Channel 12!

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) – Several of SIU’s buildings have been called haunted. A number of authors have published novels and compilations of ghost lore across southern Illinois. Michael Kleen is one of those authors, and published a list of the top ten most haunted places in southern Illinois.

One story claims that a student got lost in Faner Hall, a multipurpose building on SIU’s campus, and the student’s spirit still roams the halls at night. “Faner’s really easy to get lost in,” explained Student Emily VanWardhauizzn on Friday. “You can definitely hear the footsteps. It echoes, and just amplifies because it sounds like there’s more than one person behind you.”

Check out the whole story here!

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