KRNV Channel 4 in Reno Dishes on Another Top 10 List

News4Another news outlet, KRNV Channel 4 in Reno, Nevada, has run a story on one of my top 10 lists at Mysterious Heartland. This time, it was “Top 10 Most Haunted Colleges in the Southwest.” Thanks, Channel 4 news team!

University of Nevada, Reno rated most haunted in the Southwest

RENO, Nev. ( & KRNV) — The University of Nevada, Reno is ranked number one on the top ten list of most haunted universities. Some of the buildings are very, very old, dating back to the 1800s. With this, many of the buildings have had a previous history.

Frandsen Humanities Building, for instance, was said to be a cattle slaughter house before it was transformed into a classroom building. Apparently, door and windows will open on their own.

Check out the entire story here!

What are your thoughts?

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