Interview with Little Dipper Ink

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down (metaphorically) with GinaMarie Lobianco, a fellow EIU alum and owner of Little Dipper Ink. We talk about indie publishing, writing, and my interest in folklore. Plus, whatever happened to Black Oak Media, anyway? Check it out!

This week, in honor of keeping October spooky, we sat down with beloved author and local celebrity, Michael Kleen of black oak media, and had a talk about ghosts, hauntings, small presses, and much more. Michael Kleen is an independent author who is well-versed in many topics including ghosts, folklore, local politics, and history. he began his literary career well over a decade ago and continues to research, promote, write, and publish his work through various mediums online. Michael Kleen’s experience is vast and his insights into the writing and publishing world are invaluable to those authors who are just beginning to launch their literary or writing career.

Head over to Little Dipper Ink and read the entire interview!

What are your thoughts?

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