Exciting things are happening at Mysterious Heartland

I didn’t think I would be able to surpass the traffic I received at Mysterious Heartland in December, but my latest top 10 list (and the first to feature locations from all over the Midwest) “Top 10 Most Haunted Colleges in the Midwest” has exploded in popularity over the past several days, getting over 69,000 views since Monday. I also broke my record for most site views in one day – 44,109 on Tuesday, and today it looks like it might surpass even that. Needless to say, this is very exciting! My top 10 list is getting coverage from some local media, and a WordPress editor has picked it to be featured on their “fresh pressed” page in a few days!

Maureen Hoff from the Kenyon College blog The Thrill posted this funny article today: Kenyon is #1 At Being Haunted!

An article was recently released on the top ten most haunted colleges in the Midwest, and Kenyon crushed all competition, sliding smoothly into first. And if you didn’t read that article, or weren’t already told the moment you stepped onto campus, then you are getting this info here first. I’m the first person to tell you. It’s as if I knew that Kenyon was haunted before anyone else. And are we really that surprised that I was the Nancy Drew of this situation, and you’re the dance teacher who lost her music tapes? Too obscure of a reference? I drop it after the jump!

Read the entire post here, and stay tuned for more great news about!


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