“Writer Has Touch to Hold Interest”

I would like to thank Katherine McGee-Overstreet of Charleston, Illinois for this wonderful letter to the editor in the Journal Gazette/Times Courier. I published a couple of Katherine’s photos in my old quarterly magazine, Black Oak Presents. She is a talented and wonderful human being and I appreciate her support and encouragement.

LETTER: Writer has touch to hold interest

By Katherine McGee-Overstreet

In today’s culture, we surround ourselves with outused ideas. We polish them and call them unique. Being a lover of the arts, both film and literature, it saddens me to read these overused ideas again and again.

Thankfully roughly eight or so years ago I stumbled across this amazing set of stories and articles related to our own history here in Coles County. The author amazed me something fierce, his stories were very well written and kept my interest even after many years of shoving my face into numerous books.

One of my favorites, Tales of Coles County, is coming out as a tenth anniversary edition this upcoming August. Michael Kleen is an amazing writer of sorts, he studied at our own E.I.U. and became something of a local historian for our good county.

Click this link to read the entire letter!

What are your thoughts?

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