“Heartland is Haunted” Rolls into Springfield and Villa Grove

Last night I shared folklore and ghost stories from all over Illinois, as well as my experience being interviewed for the season premier of Ghost Adventures and WGN News, at Carl Jones’ class at Lincolnland College in Springfield. The talk was well received, and the “Heartland is Haunted” t-shirts were a big hit too! Afterwards, Carl and a friend met me at Mowie’s Cue for a round of beers and some fried mushrooms and mini tacos. All in all, it was a very fun evening and left me excited about the second leg of my book tour!

This afternoon I spoke briefly on WILL 580-AM out of Urbana before hitting the road for my next destination. Tonight I will be speaking at the Camargo Township Library in Villa Grove, Illinois, a small town east of Tuscola, from 6 to 8pm. As for right now, however, I am enjoying some ice cream at Flesor’s Candy Kitchen in Tuscola and preparing for my presentation!

What are your thoughts?

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