‘Haunting Illinois’ Hits #5 in the Rankings

Yesterday morning, my new book, Haunting Illinois: A Tourist’s Guide to the Weird and Wild Places of the Prairie State, briefly hit #5 in the category of Travel/Midwest and 31,755 out of all books on Amazon.com! That means more and more people must be sensing that there is something different about this book from anything that has come before it.

Even if you already own the first edition, Haunting the Prairie, you won’t want to miss upgrading to the new version. Haunting Illinois lists 200 haunted or unusual places from ever corner of the state, 70 more than the original version. Plus, this version has many more pictures and new icons, and an exceptional cover photo by the very talented Rachel Black, who has won awards for her photography of the ruins of Manteno State Hospital.

Don’t take my word for it, see what other people have said about the first edition of the book, then judge for your self if it is worth it to buy the new!

“Michael Kleen is for my money the most honest and constantly engaged folklorist in Illinois today. His always careful but never stodgy fleshing-out of beloved legends and twice-told tales is a model for anyone attempting to find the truth without killing the ‘spirit’ of the stuff we love: the richly magical side of our cherished history.” – URSULA BIELSKI, author of Chicago Haunts

“Haunting The Prairie is a chillingly entertaining collection of popular ghost folklore and strange phenomena of Illinois that has been recanted in hushed voices from generations past. It is a pleasurable read for fans of the macabre.” – PEGGY CLYDESDALE, Ghosttraveller.com

“Michael Kleen’s book Haunting the Prairie is a wonderful resource for ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts, whether experienced or new in the field. I teach a college class on the paranormal, and this is at the top of my list of recommended books for my students.” – CARL JONES, Lincoln Land Community College

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Author: Michael Kleen

Michael Kleen is an author, raconteur, and occasional traveler. He has a M.A. in History and M.S. in Education. He enjoys studying military history, folklore, and philosophy.

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