Look for ‘Paranormal Illinois’ in Stores

Paranormal Illinois can be found at Borders and Barnes & Noble all over the state – at special “Halloween” displays or in the local interest section.

Or order the book at Amazon.com!

“Why did hundreds of people line up bumper to bumper in rural Illinois to catch a glimpse of a scantily clad phantom along Kennedy Hill Road? What is the real history behind Independence Grove and Devil’s Gate? This painstakingly researched book leaves no ghost unturned.”

Author: Michael Kleen

Michael Kleen is an author, raconteur, and occasional traveler. He has a M.A. in History and M.S. in Education. He enjoys studying military history, folklore, and philosophy.

4 thoughts on “Look for ‘Paranormal Illinois’ in Stores”

  1. Hey Mike,
    My mistake – Employee Tara at B&N near my place (Geneva,IL) doesn’t have a computer listing for ‘Haunting the Prairie’ but they do list ‘Paranormal IL’. I told her that the Champaign store has them, so maybe it’s just their system that’s off (thought they were all connected…)?
    Anyway, thanks for the rapid replies! Let me know when you’re in town for any more book-signings!


  2. Really. I’m not sure what’s going on there. They could just be sold out, but I have a friend who works at the Barnes & Noble in Champaign and she tells me how many they have in their system, so I know it’s in there.


  3. Hey Mike,
    Just ordered your ‘Paranormal IL’ title on Amazon. Question for you: Barnes and Noble and Borders not only didn’t have it, but couldn’t find it in their computers. A customer couldn’t even order it! What’s up with that?
    Anyways, I’m looking forward to reading it when I get it!


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