Paranormal Illinois is Now Available!

Why did hundreds of people line up, in the winter of 1980, bumper to bumper in rural Illinois, to catch a glimpse of a scantily clad phantom along Kennedy Hill Road? Did you know that a ghost of a homicidal mother still haunts the road near her former home? What is the real history behind Independence Grove and Devil’s Gate? When these questions and more are answered, you will never look at the history of Illinois the same way. This painstakingly researched book leaves no ghost unturned.

This book is the culmination of years of research, and it is accessable both to casual fans of the paranormal and anyone interested in Illinois history and folklore (or, what I like to call “folk history”). It’s fun, informative, and greatly entertaining. Even though I wrote the book, I became engrossed in it as soon as I got the preview copy in my hands. It’s not every day an author can say that!

The book is divided up into four sections:

  • Archer Avenue
  • Haunted Colleges and Universities
  • Rivers and Roads
  • The Abandoned

I promise you, you have never seen most of this information before! If you think you’ve read everything there is to know about Airtight Bridge from my previous writing, you are mistaken. Paranormal Illinois is the first and only book to contain the complete story, featuring interviews and first hand accounts by people who were involved with the case. This book also contains a detailed history of the abandoned schoolhouse along Shoe Factory Road, as well as camp St. Francis and “the Gate.”

Paranormal Illinois is available at several fine retailers, as well as a local bookstore near you. If you don’t find it there, ask them to order it! The book is also available online at the following websites: ($13.25 – a really good deal!)
Borders ($14.99)
Schiffer Books ($16.99)

So what are you waiting for? Order it today before it’s sold out!

One reply on “Paranormal Illinois is Now Available!”

Welcome to Macomb, Michael! I, too, am interested in the p.normal. As you know, we do have a local, independent bookseller in town. Hope you can give them a plug, just by mentioning that your books are available at New Cooperfields – as well as Thanks, a fan


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