Leah on Lake Ontario

Model Leah Hotte relaxes on Durand Eastman Beach, Rochester, Monroe County, New York, on the first nice day of the year. Despite the nice weather, it was freezing on the lake but Leah was a good sport about it.
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Sherwood Forest Motor Inn

Lake Placid, New York was home to the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics and sits in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, so it’s been a tourist destination for decades. Establishments like the Sherwood Forest Motor Inn, at 15 Knottingham Road (off New York State Route 86), offer affordable accommodations for vacationing families.

Luna at Conesus Lake

In this series, I met Luna at Vitale Park on Conesus Lake, one of the Finger Lakes in central New York, on the first beautiful day of the year. She wore a lovely red floral ruffle wrap cami dress and striped cut-out midi dress from Express. It was a challenge to get the lighting right in the afternoon, but I think we got some great shots.

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Introducing Memento Mori

Hello friends! I’d like to announce a new blog dedicated to cemetery photography called Memento Mori. If you enjoy cemetery art, sculpture, and history, like I do, you’ll love this new blog. I hope to update it with new photos 4-5 times a week. I grew up with an interest in cemeteries. As an amateur historian, I loved the Victorian Period especially, with its romantic architecture, literature, and art. I hate everything about modern cemeteries, with their flat, cheap, and mass-produced headstones.

When I was younger, I enjoyed visiting cemeteries and looking at the artwork, and naturally, I wanted to share what I’d seen. As I got better at photography, I thought back to people like Matt Hucke, also a native Chicagoan, who captured images of this beautiful and haunting artwork, much of which is in danger due to erosion and vandalism. Although I’m not nearly as good a photographer, I created this blog to share some of my work. I hope you enjoy seeing these images as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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