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Weeping Woman of Seventh Avenue’s Dead End

Legends speak of a ghostly woman who wanders the railroad tracks beyond the Seventh Avenue dead end, searching for her missing children.

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Around the dinner table after a hard day’s work, the residents of Sterling, Illinois have been known to whisper about deaths along the nearby railroad tracks and banks of the Rock River. These deaths have occasionally left behind ghosts, the most famous of which is a weeping woman who wanders the tracks just beyond the Seventh Avenue dead end, searching for her missing children.

The City of Sterling was incorporated in February 1857 and is located across the Rock River from the town of Rock Falls. These twin cities are connected by the First Avenue Bridge. Sterling has long been a center of industry in the area, ever since the Union Pacific Railroad, the oldest railroad network in the United States, came through in 1856. Businesses like Northwestern Steel & Wire, Franz Manufacturing, and National Manufacturing followed at the turn of the century. Consequently, the city was once called the hardware capital of the world.

Over the years, the twin life-sources of Sterling—the railroad and the Rock River—have occasionally become a curse rather than a blessing. Some do not respect the silent power of the river and succumb to its undertow. Others, mainly children, have innocently wandered to their doom while playing on the bluffs along the river.

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5 replies on “Weeping Woman of Seventh Avenue’s Dead End”

If you are Looking for ghost sauk valley college has lots of them . I was one that had to be there for 12 hour shifts 7 to 7 and nobody else in the building , yet it was very loud and creepy.

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I live on 7th Avenue. I have heard a really high pitched, HORRIBLE
female screaming for almost an hour straight. I was sitting by the window contemplating on calling the police. But I didn’t. The sounds sent chills down my spine. It was a horrible sounding scream. I have heard this 2 times over the 5 years of living here. Next time it happens I will go investigate and record to see if I can catch it on tape.

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I was intrigued by this story, but left wanting more. I love history of this town, and I have heard stories of this ghost, even spent time when younger to catch a glimpse of her, but never did I see any such ghost. I’ve lived here practically all my life, this town has many secrets and ghosts of the past. This short story leaves me wanting to know much much more.

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