Victorian Ziv at the Paddock Club

Ziv shows off a steampunk-inspired Victorian outfit at the Paddock Club in Watertown, New York, one of my favorite settings. This photo shoot was particularly challenging because the lighting at the Paddock Club is so low, but it’s also why I wanted to do it. I love the atmosphere at this place, and Ziv is incredible at making (and wearing) her own costumes. I used a tripod, and kept the aperture wide but not too wide. But because it was so dark, we still got motion blur and that ruined a lot of otherwise great pictures. I didn’t want to use anything like a flash because that would destroy the natural lighting. Turns out I should have cranked up the ISO a bit more, but live and learn.

Eira Angelic in Shironuri Style

Last year I decided to up my photography game and finally bought a professional camera. I’ve largely been taking pictures of vintage signs, monuments, and landscapes, but recently I decided to branch out into photographing models. I’ve been lucky to work with a few here in Upstate New York, including the incredibly talented Eira Angelic. She makes her own costumes and does her own makeup, and she created this dark Shironuri Style for our photo shoot. Shironuri is a Japanese style using white face paint. It looks particularly cool contrasting with the snow.