My Favorite Pictures from Halloween 2017

I decided to take my photography to the next level this year, not just to enhance my blog, videos, and future books, but for fun as well. Not a lot of people got into Halloween around here, but a few took it to the next level. These are some of my favorites that really captured the spirit of the holiday.


  1. No….they are clearly perfectly round orbs! All sizes! They only appear with a flash and if you take a repetitive flash….they do not appear again! I think you would be hooked if you tried it! Easiest way is to go to a cemetery after dark and take flash pictures! Google it! I am the biggest doubter in the world, but now I am a believer! My friend has also gotten apparitions in cemeteries! We use digital cameras, nothing fancy. Not smart phones.

  2. Very cool Michael! Halloween is my favorite holiday! I used to own Geraghty’s Costumes in Rockford! I just took the ‘haunted’ tour of the Coronado 2 weeks ago. I did get pictures of quite a few orbs too! Have you ever taken pictures of orbs? This was my first time and I was amazed!

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