A Great Review of Paranormal Illinois

Penny Bright writes on

“I was so pleasantly surprised by this book! Finally, FINALLY someone has made the effort to truly dig in to the actual documented history of some of the “known haunted” places in Illinois. Micheal Kleen has proven that the ghost stories, legend tripping, and haunted-tours-by-armchair can still be fascinating and creepy when told with the facts instead of only the melodramatic folktales. While other books by some other authors are definitely as entertaining, they are truly fiction and serve only to propagate incorrect information.”

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3 replies on “A Great Review of Paranormal Illinois”

Carl, honestly, I would recommend both. They are two completely different books and in a way they compliment each other. Haunting the Prairie is more of a tour guide and a reference book for paranormal enthusiasts in Illinois. If you are looking to get the bare essentials about as many places as you can, that’s the resource you want. However, if you are looking to get really in-depth information about a few haunted places (15-20 different locations), including some that have never been written about anywhere else, than Paranormal Illinois is what you want. I hope that helps make your decision a little easier!


Hi Michael! I have read up on your latest two books, The Haunted Prairie and Paranormal IL. I can’t tell the difference between them from the reviews/descriptions and I am interested in buying the one with the most ghost stories/haunted locations/investigations. Help! Thanks! Carl


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